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The Green BizBlast – Connecting Businesses Seeking and Selling Green

Saturday, June 20th, 2009


If you’re like most people in business you’re always looking for the next connection to move your business forward.  Either you’re trying to connect with those who need what you sell or you’re connecting with those who provide a resource or information you need.  The green entrepreneurs I speak with every day come from many backgrounds in many industries, but they all have this much in common. 


Given enough time, connections and relationships grow on their own over the years, like branches on a tree.  Unfortunately though waiting for connections to develop at their own pace can take more time than we might have, so we need to accelerate the process.  We need some connection fertilizer.


I created Starting Up Green ( to help green entrepreneurs connect, and now I’m taking it to the next level with the Green BizBlast, connecting green businesses that are selling and seeking green.     


The Blast is delivered by email to my subscribers at Starting Up Green, and includes pitches from a wide variety of businesses selling product or services that will help you build a profitable and eco-friendly venture.  By including your pitch for a small fee (only $10 as of this writing) you get your message delivered directly to some of the greenest and most entrepreneurial eyeballs around, including those green entrepreneurs, opportunity-seekers, and businesses that need what you sell but somehow haven’t connected with you yet.  Now is the time and here’s the place.  Whatever you want people to know about, or whatever you are looking for, contact me at, to get it in the Blast, including:


-  Your Name

-  The name of your business

-  Whether you are interested in a pitch, sponsorship, or submitting a query

-  A paragraph or so about your business or query.  If you need help writing something up, we can help with this sometimes too.


Sponsorship opportunities are also available, providing top billing and a free annual listing on Starting Up Green, and you can submit a query to be included in the Blast for free, asking for help finding a product, service, or information.


The first BizBlast featured Kit Cassingham, getting out the word about her services as an expert on environmentally friendly hotels.  Dave Michaels at Ecoprint let a broader group of green businesses know how his green printing services can deliver high quality printed materials that help your brand and reduce your environmental impact.  Jim Simcoe of Ecolife Consulting let people know about his consulting business and his free webinar coming up next week on developing a green business strategy. 


What’s your story?  Here’s the place to tell it. 


In a sea of information on the internet, it’s not just the number of connections we make, but making the right connections with people seeking exactly what you have to offer.   People want to know about you – they are hungry for the right connection. Don’t be cruel – let’s give it to them. 


And don’t forget to sign up for the Starting Green newsletter on the home page so you can start receiving the Blast as well.  Catch you in the next Blast.