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Energy Efficiency and Consultant Training with Jim Simcoe and Ecolife Consulting

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

I met someone here in San Diego I’d like to introduce you to - Jim Simcoe, the founder of Eco-Life Consulting.  Jim is advancing the green business cause in a few ways, including helping property owners to green their sites, helping to create green benefits packages, and training people to work as eco-consultants.  I had coffee and chatted with Jim, getting to know each other - I think Jim has a lot to offer.


“I came into this business when I owned a real estate company and saw the tremendous amounts of waste on new building construction sites,” says Simcoe.  “After doing research I found that the business I was in (real estate/development) was a major contributor to the environmental crises.  As a lifetime lover of nature I began my endeavors into green building and green remodeling.”  Like myself, having kids give Simcoe an even greater motivation for incorporating sustainability in his work, providing for a brighter world for their future while finding ways to make these changes financially attractive for businesses to implement. 


Today Jim consults for businesses in several areas, delivering value as well as reducing their environmental impact:


Sustainability strategy development and Implementation:  Establishing a vision is the first step in designing a sustainability strategy, followed by implementation of changes in daily business practices.   Jim has experience delivering value with consulting for cost effective efficiency moves for commercial properties, schools, and homes, reducing wasted money and resources. 


Creating a ‘Green’ Employee Benefits Package:  Money is not the only factor in the work satisfaction of employees.  Developing a green benefits package can attract and retain top talent, keep employees motivated, and increase productivity when employees see that the company’s beliefs are aligned with their own.


Sustainability training and education:  No matter how great your sustainability goals and plan are, they’re not likely to work if your employees don’t understand or don’t agree with them.  Education and training ensure that your employees understand your sustainable initiatives and are committed to them.   Jim also provides an Eco Consultant training program you can buy, with a set of 6 DVDs covering a full range of sustainability topics to learn the ropes and hit the ground running with your own business. 


Glenn Croston is the author of “75 Green Businesses You Can Start to Make Money and Make a Difference”, providing green opportunities for people from any background.  He is also the author of “Greening Your Business on a Budget” and “Starting Green: An Ecopreneur’s Guide to Starting a Green Business from Planning to Profits”.  As the founder of Starting Up Green ( and an expert blogger for Fast Company, Croston is showing others how to thrive in the green economy.