How to Green Your Business by Ridesharing with PickupPal

Everybody is eager to save money these days, including both employees and businesses.  Businesses can help employees save money by encouraging ridesharing for their commute.  Ridesharing means there are fewer cars on the road, which is good for the planet, and also means people spend loss money on gas and wear and tear on their car.  For the business, ridesharing does not cost anything, and can help a business in a variety of ways, including reducing its environmental footprint.  PickupPal makes it easy for businesses and employees to work together greening their commute. 


Based in Canada, PickupPal helps to match up those who need rides with others who can give them.  Passengers say where they want to go, drivers enter where they are going, and PickupPal tells drivers who wants a ride, helping to connect them.  Drivers make an offer to passengers going their way and passengers can pick which drivers they want to go with based on the rating of drivers by other passengers.  Started in Canada, PickupPal is now operating in a growing list of cities in the US, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and other parts of the world. 


Companies like the Energy Savings Group in Toronto are using PickupPal as a rideshare site for employees.  “In these economic times, providing a carpooling option can boost employee productivity, making it easier and more cost effective to get to work,” said Brent Drewry, Executive Vice President of Business Development at PickupPal.  Joining with PickupPal can also help a company achieve sustainability goals that it sets for itself and reports to the world.  “We provide web-based reporting, which allows companies to track progress against their sustainability objectives, with metrics such as mileage travelled and carbon avoided through the use of ridesharing.”  PickupPal will soon also be allowing groups to set up their own Eco Rideshare page and adding social networking links to user profiles.  While people may be reluctant to get involved if they feel they are riding with strangers, they will be more willing to participate if they feel like they know the other person or are connected to them at least a little. 

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