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For our health and the planet’s health, we need to eat better food.  Eating organic food helps the planet by restoring nutrients to soil, fighting climate change, and avoiding contamination of food and water with chemicals.  There is also evidence that organic food has higher levels of important nutrients than conventionally grown food.  For organic food to go mainstream though, it helps for it to be available in tasty and nutritious foods that people are used to, that are easy for them to choose.  Pizza Fusion is one restaurant that is helping to make this happen:

I went to eat at Pizza Fusion tonight, just opened last week here in San Diego in the Hillcrest area.  I liked it.  A lot.  We ordered the Seattle pizza, with tomato, onion, basil, garlic, multigrain crust and other organic ingredients.  I’m no restaurant critic, but I’ve had a pizza or two, and the pizza we had was great, crisp and tasty.   There are also organic salads and drinks, including beer and wine. 

The food is only one aspect of the impact a restaurant has on the environment.  There is also the restaurant itself.  The location we visited had tables made of wood salvaged from an old barn, recycled glass countertop, daylighting and compact fluorescent bulbs.  In addition to stressing energy efficiency in the restaurant, they are also using the Prius for their delivery vehicles, and offsetting remaining energy use by purchasing RECs (renewable energy certificates), helping to increase use of renewable energy elsewhere. 

We had a good time chatting with franchisee Mike Walker, and some of the employees.  People seem excited about working there, and I’m excited about the restaurant too.  Pizza Fusion reports that over 75 businesses are in the works across the country, with interest growing in franchises.  I think there is a bright green future for these green pizza entrepreneurs, and for others with the same commitment to building restaurants that are as good for the planet while serving great food.

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