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Deconstruction Training Leads to Green Collar Jobs and Enhances Green Building

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

This post is courtesy of Ted Reiff, President of The ReUse People of America


The ReUse People of America (TRP), a nonprofit 501(c)3, has launched two deconstruction training programs, both designed to teach the art and science of deconstruction and building-materials salvage. Both trainings are conducted by The ReUse Institute (TRI), the training, project-management and consulting arm of TRP.


Green-collar Jobs Program

The first program is designed to meet the growing demand for green-collar jobs. It is designed for unemployed and underemployed workers. To date, two target populations have been served by this program: youths between the ages of 17 and 24 and ex-offenders seeking societal and workforce re-entry skills. Typically both of these groups have minimal knowledge of the opportunities available in the construction industry.


Students learn:

·         The philosophy and objectives of building-materials reuse

·         Categories of materials suitable for reuse

·         Jobsite safety guidelines and work rules

·         Proper use of the tools required in construction/deconstruction

·         Methodologies for removing building components while preserving their value

·         Shipping and handling guidelines and techniques

·         Crew-chief skills (extra session for students exhibiting leadership potential)


Contractor Program

The second program is for building, remodeling and demolition contractors wanting to adopt green-building practices in order to answer increasing consumer demand, reduce landfill fees, and take advantage of the burgeoning market for salvaged building materials. Contractor training covers all categories of salvageable materials, special deconstruction-industry tools, removal methodologies, shipping and handling guidelines, and successful bidding tips and procedures.


TRI is offering the contractor training on October 22-23 in Los Angeles. To register complete the PDF registration form here.


Success Stories

  A youth-employment agency in California whose students received green-collar training earns funds for additional agency programs by deploying trained deconstruction crews to take down local buildings. Participating youth have acquired valuable entry-level construction skills.

  Dozens of TRI-trained contractors throughout the U.S. now employ hundreds of trained deconstruction workers and are keeping thousands of tons of reusable materials out of landfills.

  Twenty trained contractors in a small Midwest city are mobilizing to deconstruct dozens of buildings for flood-control purposes.


TRP is eager to partner with cities and local organizations that wish to train constituents for jobs in the green-building industry and will assist graduating students to find full-time employment. For more information visit or call Ted Reiff at 510.383.1983, ext. 102.